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We can produce PCB with special technology, we provide high quality and favorable one-stop PCB assembly service, including PCB manufacturing, material procurement and assembly integration. 10 years of industry experience, serving aviation, medical, telecommunications, Internet of Things, military and other industries

  • 5G Antenna PCB
  • Optical Module PCB
  • Heavy Copper PCB
  • Base Station PCB
  • Smart Phone PCB

6L RO4730G3 + RO4450F ( L5 to L6, L3 to L6 Blind and buried via design)

RF-Amplifier PCB
Heavy copper power PCB
Base station PCB
Smart Phone and HDI

One-stop PCB Manufacturer

Provide PCBA assembly, low to medium MASS production volume. Our professional factory has world-class advanced equipment for stencil printing, SMT chip pick and place, reflow soldering, in-circuit testing and stencil manufacturing. Rigorous testing of AOI testing machines and X-ray testing machines etc. for quality inspection.

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R & D Direction

Miracle Technology’s ongoing goal is to help our customers achieve the best time-to-market by creating new PCBs in a sustainable manner at the lowest total cost through our proven capabilities, delivery accuracy and reliable product quality time and competitive advantage.The future planning is guided by quality first, sustainable development and profitability, to build a digital and intelligent PCB factory.




Technical Capability Form

We can produce PCB with special techinologies such,We provide one-stop PCB assembly service with high quality and Good price, including PCB manufacturing, material procurement and assembly integration.

Automotive Radar PCB

Technical Ability

Automotive Radar PCB

Technical Advantages